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New Health Feature Set Enhancements

CIS Technology COVID-19 New Health Feature Set Enhancement

During this unprecedented industry interruption due to the Covid-19 virus, many of our customers have reached out to us for help in addressing new requirements for consistent, on-going thorough cleaning of their gaming machines and work-related devices.  In this difficult environment, Team Member and Patron health and safety are paramount, and CIS Technology is proud to announce that we have enhanced the SFMS with a new Health Feature Set to assist casino operators in meeting these needs.

CIS Technology is the industry leading slot floor Customer Service and Team Management tool.  As the Industry faces these new health and safety requirements, we have responded with a set of four new features to help schedule, organize and manage the workflow.  These new capabilities will fit seamlessly into your current SFMS operations so you can leverage your existing SFMS technology, training, and skill sets to accomplish many health-related requirements and goals. 

As always, CIS Technology is dedicated to helping you capitalize on your existing SFMS technology in this ever-changing environment. Please call our technical support line at 775-849-3332 for more information, or to schedule a free update to our latest release with this feature set.

CIS Technology will continue to be here for your support.   Stay safe and healthy.