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April 28, 2021

Your Winning Hand is Great Customer Service!

It is more important now more than ever to excel at customer service and keep your customers coming back. When your customers come out to play, dine and get some relief from these stressful times you want to be able to respond to their needs with efficiency and care.  You will want to recognize and welcome back your premium players, acknowledge your VIPs and make them feel noticed and appreciated. This is what CIS Technology does and why we are the top customer service product. With great customer service you are already ahead of the competition and have the winning hand!

April 12, 2021

Don’t Roll the Dice with Great Customer Service!

With CIS Technology your team can be on the move responding to events quickly. They will get immediate notification of who needs help and why to get that customer back to playing and having fun with minimal wait time. Your guests will feel their time is well spent and love playing at your casino. Don’t roll the dice! Know what you are getting with CIS and how to utilize their products to the best advantage for your property to help you be successful. The management side of CIS will be able to measure your success and real time reports will measure your team and their success.

Be a Customer Service Success with CIS!

May 21, 2020

New Health Feature Set Enhancements

CIS Technology COVID-19 New Health Feature Set Enhancement

During this unprecedented industry interruption due to the Covid-19 virus, many of our customers have reached out to us for help in addressing new requirements for consistent, on-going thorough cleaning of their gaming machines and work-related devices.  In this difficult environment, Team Member and Patron health and safety are paramount, and CIS Technology is proud to announce that we have enhanced the SFMS with a new Health Feature Set to assist casino operators in meeting these needs.

CIS Technology is the industry leading slot floor Customer Service and Team Management tool.  As the Industry faces these new health and safety requirements, we have responded with a set of four new features to help schedule, organize and manage the workflow.  These new capabilities will fit seamlessly into your current SFMS operations so you can leverage your existing SFMS technology, training, and skill sets to accomplish many health-related requirements and goals. 

As always, CIS Technology is dedicated to helping you capitalize on your existing SFMS technology in this ever-changing environment. Please call our technical support line at 775-849-3332 for more information, or to schedule a free update to our latest release with this feature set.

CIS Technology will continue to be here for your support.   Stay safe and healthy.

April 1, 2020

2020 Update

Hello Everyone! CIS Technology recognizes what a challenging year this has become. Rest assured our support line is still available 24 x 7 and we are here to answer your questions and help in any way we can. Hopefully you will be up and running very soon and your patrons’ happy faces will be back as you continue to offer great customer service.

We appreciate you and wish you all to be Safe and Healthy!

April 1, 2020

2019 G2E Success

Thank you to everyone who came by our booth! Seeing and chatting with all our clients from all over the country is the highlight of this conference for us. And to our new clients, Welcome!! We look forward to a very productive year in partnering with you all by continuing to help you provide the best customer service in the industry.

September 1, 2018

Booth 2336 G2E 2018

Come by booth 2336 Ask about our new features, make an appointment for a demo or just come by and say hello!
The CIS Team looks forward to seeing you.



July 8, 2018

G2E 2017 Las Vegas, what’s new and exciting!

In 2017 CIS launched the very successful Technician Information Management System – TIMS.  Our clients love it!

July 8, 2018

NIGA 2018 Las Vegas

NIGA 2018, great to see so many of our wonderful clients

July 8, 2018

5th General Manager Exchange at Torrey Pines 2018 with Native Nations

Another Successful General Mangers Exchange with Justin O’Conner and Jim Eller

October 8, 2016

CIS Team at G2E 2016

We want to thank everyone from more than 75 of our SFMS locations for taking the time to stop by our booth this year at G2E. We exchanged high fives and hugs with so many of the casino teams and it is a great opportunity for us to say thank you to all of you using the SFMS product suite all these years.  We appreciate the loyalty to our company, product suite and the way we do business within the casino industry.


The new backdrop and banners brought many comments and interest in learning about the latest updates to the SFMS and the new Technician Information Management System – TIMS.


Booth visitors were also introduced to our newest CIS team member – Mr. David Foerschler.  David joined our team on September 1st.  He brings a wealth of casino management and operational experience to our team and will be focusing on getting the word out on TIMS.


Our new slot technical repair work order processing system is being watched with great interest.  Many of our SFMS users are already planning for a Trial of TIMS in the next few months.



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