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Your Winning Hand is Great Customer Service!

It is more important now more than ever to excel at customer service and keep your customers coming back. When your customers come out to play, dine and get some relief from these stressful times you want to be able to respond to their needs with efficiency and care. You will want to recognize and welcome back your premium players, acknowledge your VIPs and make them feel noticed and appreciated. This is what CIS Technology does and why we are the top customer service product. With great customer service you are already ahead of the competition and have the winning hand!

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Don’t Roll the Dice with Great Customer Service!

With CIS Technology your team can be on the move responding to events quickly. They will get immediate notification of who needs help and why to get that customer back to playing and having fun with minimal wait time. Your guests will feel their time is well spent and love playing at your casino. Don’t roll the dice! Know what you are getting with CIS and how to utilize their products to the best advantage for your property to help you be successful. The management side of CIS will be able to measure your success and real time reports will measure your team and their success.

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New Health Feature Set Enhancements

CIS Technology COVID-19 New Health Feature Set Enhancement

During this unprecedented industry interruption due to the Covid-19 virus, many of our customers have reached out to us for help in addressing new requirements for consistent, on-going thorough cleaning of their gaming machines and work-related devices.  In this difficult environment, Team Member and Patron health and safety are paramount, and CIS Technology is proud to announce that we have enhanced the SFMS with a new Health Feature Set to assist casino operators in meeting these needs.

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