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Arizona Charlie’s (Decatur)


Manager:Jim Pelletier – Dir. of Slot Operations


I have been in this business for 30 years and have used multiple slot dispatch systems in the past in which none of those could hold a leg to CIS Technology, Slot Dispatch System and which I found is a very reliable system. When I first heard about us receiving this system, I was truly excited because my call times were in the 8 minute range and Jackpots were taking up to 15 minutes. Since induction of the new system we have reaction times down to under two minutes and the average for jackpots is in the 7 to 8 minute window. It really makes me proud on how well the Dispatch system works and how my team has grasped it. They really know the importance of taking care of our guests and their needs. The training took a little time with slot floor because they were used to scanning their sections for lights. With slot dispatch in place it closed their blinders and they would blow by guest who needed help. The complaints were coming in so we had to inform the employees to work more has a team and help each other. This property does a lot of volume and I need every team member to monitor their assigned sections plus help out each other. They finally grasped the concept by us using the reports that are offered and the report that I like the most is the service graphs. I was having a small issue with service times on grave and when I ran a month worth of graphs and showed them to my managers it opened their eyes has well. Since then the grave crew has had a lot more success with guest satisfaction. I would recommend this program to any one who wants to pump up their guest service scores and remember it is how you use the system that makes you successful.