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Jackson Rancheria


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Back in 2011, we were going through many major changes at our property and needed a way to improve efficiency and expand on our already outstanding customer service. At that time, the word on CIS “Slot Dispatch” had spread through the industry and we were very interested. Once the SFMS was installed and as we became familiar with the operations of the system, the results were even better than we had hoped. Not only did we now have a way to gauge our guest service times and the productivity of our Slot Attendants, but being able to comprehensively understand all aspects of our guest service needs provided a wealth of opportunity for not only our Slot Department, but the property as a whole.

In my opinion, CIS has improved the way casinos do business and I could not be happier with their product. With the improvements and new features made available by the newest version released last year, CIS has proven that they are staying abreast to the needs of their customers and will continue to provide the latest that the technology has to offer. Thank you CIS!